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Kraemer Counseling Services

Find Your Freedom 

 "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to choose our response. In that response lies our growth and our freedom".

 -Victor E. Frankl

*Now Offering Online Counseling*

Kraemer Counseling Services 

 Do you ever feel stuck? Stuck is your relationships or stuck in your thoughts. You feel like no matter what I’ll never be good enough. You feel alone, frustrated and not understood. Do you wish you had a “start over” button? You struggle with the “should” and “if only” this or that would have happened. Do you feel disconnect from the people that you care about? Have you started using substances or behaviors in unhealthy ways to cope with things that have just not gone according to plan?


You want to be more connected and present in your life. You want to really be heard and understood. You want to think about the future and feel hopeful, not hopeless. You want to feel like your back to your being yourself or maybe even a better version or yourself. I can help you. I have helped many people who have answered yes to many of these questions. You deserve compassion, healing and the opportunity to take control of your life.


I’ve had the honor of working and training at The Meadows, a world-renowned treatment center for healing trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. I’ve worked and trained with renowned experts like Pia Mellody on codependency and Claudia Black focusing on family and couples’ therapy. I want to help guide and navigate you through this process of healing and recovery.


Practice Areas

Chris can treat individuals and couples

Rates:$145 per individual Session $160 per couples

Common issues Chris can address and treat:



Certified Gambling Therapist

CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist)


Substance Abuse




Certified in Traumatic Stress

PIT Trained


Relationship Issues

Family Origin Issues

Marital Issues


Self Esteem






Spiritual Issues


Childhood Trauma

Practice Areas
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